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Welcome to all with our Zissou Dream

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I loved The Life Aquatic. Wes saw my dream from a young age, it's a dream I'm living out and I'm currently making natural history films for the BBC/Discovery and before that I was a Marine Biologist, however I would love to make my own crazy indipendent films with a band of loved misfits just like Steve did. I designed this site in 2004 and designed the original team zissou t-shirt designs (there are now loads of copies of the ones I drew all over the net). This site is here to keep the Zissou dream alive as long possible and all profits go towards setting up our own Team Zissou. This is an adventure!

What is Team Zissou?

Team Zissou is the band of skilled misfits lead by Steve Zissou, the film touched on a dream of so many of touring the world, filming the best bits of it and having adventures... this Team Zissou is for those who want to see that dream and vision live on.. celebrate Team Zissou with us!

Our friends helped in creating the hats:

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Zissou gets 'Simpsonized'

The very talented Dean Fraser has been Simpson-izing pop culture figures for years and he’s finally taken on an Anderson character.

To see more of Dean’s fine work, visit his blog Springfield Punx where you can see Dr. Peter Venkman, Jason Schwartzman’s Scott Pilgrim character Gideon Graves, and ton more. Have you seen other great Zissou images around? let us know zissou@


We want your photos

We would love to get photos of you all, of your adventures, of you having your best Team Zissou momments.. please email us your photos...

We have also been sent some wonderful Team Zissou art work...

zissou graffiti

Thanks to Trem Uschi for this Stevesey inspired Graffiti

No Explorer is complete without their red hat and badge, get yours here...cwtch me logoPerfect for expeditions, try our cosy hoodieshoodieor our classic zissou t-shirtszissou intern teesteve prothole link

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