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The master plan behind this site:

  1. Get lots of people intrested in this site
  2. Find a group of dedicated and interested people
  3. Buy a yacht and make wonderful TV, have adventures, educate and save the world.
  4. No matter how far along this road this site gets, if it gets a few more people to love the world and its oceans or gives one break to somebody wanting to be a marine biologist it will have being worth while.

If you are interested in the creator of this site.. There isn't too much to tell... I have just finished a PhD on penguin and seal bahviour and interactions with krill fisheries with the British Antarctic Survey, I am establishing myself in the television and film making industry and I love boats.. basicly I want to save the world and have a good time... more than that and you will have email me (or if you look cute in a pair of yellow wellies also email me ;).

We also have a fantastic range of TEAM ZISSOU clothing from the the film The Life Aquatic, read about the film here (sorry, no speedos as yet)...

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"People protect what they love."

- Jacques-Yves Cousteau

This site would not be complete without a mention of the red capped Captain him self.. Jacques-Yves Cousteau..



Have you got a great idea for a t'shirt? If we agree, you will get two free t shirts of your own design.. email your ideas to


One thing ties all marine biologists together is our love the sea, its life and its systems. Even the hardiest of statistics or industry worn marine biologist couldn't deny this somewhere down the line.

A second reason is that the job does come with a certain ore and wonder; We all at some time enjoy being able to say I am a marine biologist

With this in mind its about time we had some decent t'shirts and ways of celbrating this. Sorry, there are no airbrushed dolphins on this site.

How do I become a marine biologist?
We get lots of requests from people wanting to be marine biologists, adventurers or film makers.. click here to find some advice!


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