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Tragic loss to the industry

Joan Root; ReutersJoan Root, wildlife filmmaker and conservationist, was tragically shot dead at her home in Kenya on 13th January.

Obituary by good friend Richard Brock, Executive Producer of Living Planet Productions and the Brock Initiative.

From Aardvarks to Zebras and Zorillas, Joan Root looked after them all, either filming with her former husband Alan, or simply caring for them and enabling others to enjoy them too. Any animal or plant (she was very keen on succulents) in Joan's hands was in the best human hands it could ever be. Her love and concern for Kenya's wildlife inevitably extended to her home around Lake Naivasha, increasingly hemmed in by European-based horticulture and its massive African employment. For the latter, land is scarce, income minimal. Joan lived on a beautiful fragment of Lake Naivasha's shore - an area with the potential to support a sustainable community of people and wildlife. Unfortunately also an area harbouring short-sighted greed and desperate people - not easy neighbours. Lake Naivasha has now become one of the planet's test cases and Joan Root had become a vital part of its future, both increasingly at risk. Her contribution to the classic wildlife films from Survival and the BBC with Alan, including the entertaining and personal 'Two in the Bush' was great but often went unnoticed. Her other contribution to the efforts to help a place, its community and its wildlife was even greater, and the fact that those efforts have been so cruelly stopped is a tragedy, not only for Joan Root herself, but for Lake Naivasha which is still, just, one of the most wonderful places on the planet. We must strive to ensure that her quiet but very determined efforts have not been in vain and that a healthy, long-living Lake Naivasha will be her legacy.


Listen to BBC Radio 4's great radio series 'Science at sea' - 23/09/05

This is a series all about scientists, sailors, and the days of exploration at sea..its great! This week its all about Sir Joseph Banks

Explorers Club Documentary Film Festival! - 17th Sept. 05


A call for entries has been issued for the fourth annual Explorers Club
Documentary Film Festival, to be held on Saturday, January 21, 2006 in New York.


The fourth annual Explorers Club Documentary Film Festival will be
held on Saturday, January 21, 2006. The Film Festival represents a
continuation and extension of the Club's longstanding mission, as we seek to honor filmmakers who share our vision for, and commitment to, a healthier planet in the twenty-first century. The festival will be a
daylong celebration of the best in films on the subjects of Scientific
Exploration, Field Research, and Wildlife & Conservation. The competition is open to members of The Explorers Club as well as the general public, and we invite filmmakers to submit their works for consideration.

Films completed between January 1, 1998, and October 13, 2005, are eligible for submission. Deadline for submissions: October 14, 2005. Download and print the entry form:
Or contact The Explorers Club to request an entry form. Entry forms must
be completed in hardcopy and submitted by mail. Submit inquiries or
completed entry form to: Sybille Campbell, Festival Director The Explorers
Club 46 East 70th Street New York, NY 10021 Email: ( More info:

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"People protect what they love."

- Jacques-Yves Cousteau

This site would not be complete without a mention of the red capped Captain him self.. Jacques-Yves Cousteau..








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One thing that ties all marine biologists together is our love the sea, its life and its systems. Even the hardiest of statistics or industry worn marine biologist couldn't deny this somewhere down the line.

A second reason is that the job does come with a certain ore and wonder; We all at some time enjoy being able to say I am a marine biologist

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How do I become a marine biologist?
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