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Welcome to the European Team Zissou Shop!!

You can't celebrate something as brilliant as Team Zissou and try to save the world in a dodgy tshirt, and so well.. we don't.. all our clothes are of brilliant quality and are resposnibly and sustainably manafactured.

p.s: We are always thinking about adding new t-shirts, please send us your ideas, if its a t-shirt we print you can have one for free! Send your ideas to

p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s (How many?): We are really keen to get photos you gorgeous folks wearing our clothing, send us a good photo of you in our products and if we like it we'll send you a five pound gift token, or even a free t-shirt, brilliant!


We have lots of questions about what size item would be best for you, well hopefully the chart below will give you a clue. Unfortunately our sizes are restricted to what the printers can provide and tend to be quite snug. So if you are a girl and want a big cozy hoody we suggest you get the size up or snuggle up in one of the mens versions.

Womens T-shirt S M L XL    
Size A (inch) - Length 24 24.4 26.4 27.2    
Size B (inch) - Bust 30 31.4 35.4 37    
UK Size 8-10 10-12 12-14 14-16    
Womens Hoodie S M L      
Size A (inch) - Length 24.8 24.8 25.2      
Size B (inch) - bust 35.4 36.2 37.8      
UK Size 8-10 10-12 12-14      
Mens T-Shirt S M L XL XXL XXXL
Size A (inch) - length 27.2 28 29.1 30.3 31.1 31.5
Size B (inch) - chest 41 41.8 44 45.6 49.6 50.4
Mens Hoodie S M L XL XXL  
Size A (inch) - length 26.4 27.6 28 28.7 29.5  
Size B (inch) - chest 41.8 43.4 46.4 48.8 50.4  

Size Guide


PLEASE remember that these are NOT official items from the film, but just things to help the ZISSOU experience carry on. Long live the Zissou Adventure! Copywright of TEAM ZISSOU and The Life Aquatic is that of Touch Stone Pictures and their associates.





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